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Our brand new STUDIO will be opening in a few weeks! To celebrate, stay tuned to our fb business page for the opportunity of a PREMIUM membership. Details are being organised right now!


What's New

WHATS NEW??? You are!…….

We have now added more CLEAN EATING by Karen programmes to our timetables due to popular demand! You guys are changing your health, weight, body fat % etc for the better every single week that goes by. The results are nothing less than ahhmazing!! If you need to CLEAN UP, here is the Programme that will change your life….. we have a proven track record with our Clean Eating clients and they will tell you about their success!

Success Stories

Bootcamp Couple Tash and Paul

Tash is a regular Pilates, T-Barre and Bootcamp client. Paul, her husband was struggling to keep up with Tash until he started bootcamp and lost 18kg!wink


Action Shots!

Two bootcamp stars showing how it's done!

Boxing is a great way to build strength & fitness and work off any stress!