Before and after photos of Ash

12 months ago today I started with Karen in her Studio and also completed two rounds of her 12 week TRANSFORMATION program and lost 15kgs and over 60cm from chest, hips, belly, arms and legs.

Three months later, I joined Karen’s LIFTING classes and lost another two kgs from there and I found a love of lifting weights. 

Karen taught me scales aren’t everything after me becoming obsessed with the scales and having meltdowns because they weren’t moving but I was losing cms so today i wouldn’t even know what I weigh but I sure as hell know I have worked bloody hard to get the results I have today!

I still have more to go but it’s all in time. Can’t wait to see my results in another 12 months... if I can do it anyone can do it! 💪🏼

Di has lost 7kg on Karen's Online Body Transformation Programme

"Total loss 7kg, Chest 6cm, Waist 10cm, Hips 5cm, Thigh 3cm, Arm 3cm. I'm feeling very happy with the last 8 weeks! I am sooo pleased my daughter Kiera reintroduced me to you Karen, as it was her who told me about your BODY TRANSFORMATION program, the mindset to do the right thing by my body with exercise & pushing that little harder meeting my own personal goals ( like jogging again & actually enjoying how good it feels ... I was even smiling as I was jogging the other day 😁 ), fuelling my body with healthier options, also enjoying reading everyone else's achievements online during the challenge.

Thankyou all on Level 1 BT👏🏻 👏🏻

My gratitude to you Karen and your exercise Instructors Ange, Tracey & Donna for all the support & encouragement along the way 😉"

Jasmine has lost 7.1kg on Karen's Online Body Transformation Programme
Online BODY TRANSFORMATION client, Jasmine Payne, is from Singleton and has worked hard throughout her programme. Jasmine has just started Level 2 - well done!!

"The before shot was taken about 6 months ago (1kg lost between then and start of this 8weeks) and the other today by my son, Coen😊 Loss of 7.1kg and 24.5 cm lost. I can finally tie my shoes without struggling to breath (this was one of my goals!!!)"

This Online BODY TRANSFORMATION client, lives in Singleton and is a young Mum. She is one of our smaller girls (we have a couple in every programme) and like everybody else, is interested in more energy and becoming leaner.

In 8 weeks, she has lost a total of 15.5cms and 3kgs.

"I am back into bike riding and lifting weights- my goal is to lose another 7 kgs in the future. Karen's meal plan has been great for work and is so easy! Thankyou for getting me back on track!"

Yep, even small girls want to be healthy - most women would say she looks fantastic in the before shot. I agree. Let's focus on health changes. My BODY TRANSFORMATION programmes are for everyone- especially those looking for increased energy!



Bronwen and Daniel have lost 50kg on Karen's Online Body Transformation Programme

This beautiful couple lost 50kgs between them on my Online BODY TRANSFORMATION programmes! They were gorgeous before but now they are healthy, confident and positive role models for their children!

Check out the glow factor! ❤

Melissa decreased her medication by 50% since completing Karen's Online Body Transfomation Programme

Melissa has a medical condition which affects her joints causing pain and discomfort. After completing my 8 week clean eating meal plan with daily exercise-incredibly, her pain has subsided, her medication has been decreased by over 50% AND Melissa is running short distance where before, she was breathless walking.

Again, my programmes are not just about losing weight.... they can really change your life!

You put in the work Melissa, you are rewarded with good health and you are glowing (your beautiful smile is the same!)

Jade has lost 6.5kg on Karen's Online Body Transformation Programme

From Jade.....
"I have lost 6.5 kg and 21 cm all up since starting this programme 8 weeks ago. My goal has really changed- I am moving forward concentrating on toning. I can now run (not fast but I can). The 1st picture is from a few years ago when I was avoiding the camera. The middle photo is just before I started BODY TRANSFORMATION and the last shot is from today.

Over the past couple of years I have dropped from 127.6 kg to 85.4 kg and I am aiming to be 85kg by the end of next week!

Before the L1 I had gotten lazy and was still unhappy with my body, now I feel fantastic and have a heap more confidence! Thanks Karen."

BODY TRANSFORMATION client, Bec from Singleton completed a 6 week healthy lifestyle programme (Oct 2016) with fantastic results!



BODY TRANSFORMATION programme client, Kristi has really enjoyed her BODY TRANSFORMATION experience and booked another 6 week programme! (August 2016)

  • 5kg loss
  • 9cm off her waist
  • Lost cms all over!

The most important thing I noticed in Kristy, was the increase in confidence, glowing skin, being happy with her achievements, back to being happy and energetic! ❤️


BODY TRANSFORMATION programme client, Kristi has really enjoyed her ONLINE PLATINUM experience and has booked another 6 week programme!

  • 5kg loss
  • 9cm off her waist
  • Lost cms all over!

Most important thing I noticed was an increase in confidence, glowing skin and happy and energetic! ❤️


Holly has just completed our Spring BODY TRANSFORMATION (Oct 2016) healthy lifestyle programme and is very pleased and surprised with her positive outcomes!

For me, the best thing about Holly's progress, is that she is getting stronger and fitter!!
Well done, Holly!????????


AJ is a very busy mum of 2 girls and has her own full time business, but she decided to make time for herself every day to get back on the road to being her previous fit, strong self and what a start!!!

She is currently 20kgs lighter, fitter, stronger and very happy after just 13 weeks of BODY TRANSFORMATION !

OCT 2016.


Leanne started with me in early Sept and has lost a total of 18.1kgs up to now!!!
Following my clean eating meal plan with daily exercise (at the Studio and doing my online exercise vids) has certainly changed Leanne's Body Composition (she is also a HIRT client!) but more importantly, her medical issues have been substantially changed for the better!

Leanne is a cancer survivor and also has a medical issue that has caused much discomfort in the past - not now!
Her Specialist is amazed at the changes and so is Leanne. ❤️


What can I say?...... Wow!!

Here is yet another two positive health transformations (and wide grins!) by husband and wife team, Dan and Bron❤️

Bron is just about to complete her 2nd round of my ONLINE PLATINUM healthy lifestyle programme.
Not only has she changed her own health status but she has also inspired Dan to join her and he has lost 31kgs!!!

Bron has lost over 16kgs in 12 weeks and feels great. I am now pushing her towards lifting some heavy weights to take the focus off weight loss and take an interest in muscle

What a wonderful job you have both done...... and guess what?
Your children now have very healthy parents and will benefit in every way!

Love all of our client healthy transformations!!!!????????

Bronwen and Daniel Smith

My New Year ONLINE PLATINUM healthy lifestyle programme will commence 2nd January 2017.
New clients will be going into lockdown with me! ????

and click on PLATINUM.
10 bookings left!!

Tim has just completed our 8 week pre Xmas BODY TRANSFORMATION healthy lifestyle programme with great results.

He has dropped 11.8kgs AND 9.5cm from around his waist.